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About me

I am a software developer, specialized as a full-stack developer. I work primarily with .NET ecosystem on the back-end and React JS, Redux, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, Typescript, CSS (SCSS), HTML, Bootstrap, and of course GatsbyJS on the front-end. Whenever I have time, I look into Microsoft Azure (Kubernetes being my favorite).

Probably, with the advent of Blazor WebAssembly, distinction between backend and front-end has, somewhat, been blurred. In the near future, I hope to use C# on both backend and frontend, though, at the same time I will be missing JavaScript!

I was born and raised in Nepal, and currently live in Denmark. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Nepal and a Master degree in Computer Science from Sweden.

Why start a blog?

The field of web (or mobile app) development is continuously and rapidly changing. A developer not only need to sharpen ones skill but also need to learn new. And, I believe inTo teach is to learn twice!Let's learn together!! The main purpose of the blog is to share the knowledge I have acquired and learn new things. Sharing is caring.

Coder, developer or architect?

I would like to call myself a motivated developer learning to become an architect one day. Currently, I am focused on learning and partially implementing Domain-Driven Design, SOLID principles and clean architecture. I am also very keen on learning one of the message queuing system (Kafka or RabbitMQ). Last but not the least, actor based systems such as Erlang has fascinated me. Fortunately, similar system called Akka.NET has been ported to the .net world. I firmly believe, is a good alternative to a build a highly-available highly-scalable system such as Erlang.

What do I work with and what I plan to learn?


  • .NET Framework & .NET Core with C#
  • EntityFramework 6+, EF Core, Dapper
  • Inversion of Control Container: Castle Windsor for .net Framework &
  • Message broker/queue: RabbitMQ
  • Akka.NET for high availability & scalability (learning)
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL
  • MSTest V2 for testing


  • React JS, Redux
  • Vanilla JavaScript (ES2015+), jQuery, and Typescript
  • SCSS, CSS, Html, Bootstrap, Material Design
  • Storybook for UI and Jest for JavaScript testing
  • React Native (learning)
  • Blazor web-assembly (learning)

Working environment, tools

  • Windows OS (.NET 5 onward, Linux environment high probability)
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Visual Studio Code for front-end
  • MS SQL Server Management Studio & MySQL Workbench
  • Lenovo Thinkpad T490 (primary) & Fujitsu Siemens Q920 (secondary) NB: Home working

Beyond software development

I have a family and love to spend time with them. I am also a Manchester United fan and never miss a chance to watch them playing. Apart from football, I do watch Formula 1 championship almost every sunday and if possible, qualifying sessions on saturdays.

© 2023 Ramésh Kunwar
Licensed under CC BY 4.0
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© 2023 Ramésh Kunwar
Licensed under CC BY 4.0